Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I just can't get enough of....

Burgundy Lips, I love this look right now. I think the reason why I'm into burgundy lips right now is because I get too lazy to do my eye make-up. To wear this lip color you have to do light eye make-up. It's a fast make-up routine for me. I just put on mascara, eyeliner, blush and lipstick and I'm good to go:) The one I have is from M.A.C It's called Overdone:)

Faux fur, I love fur right now, fake fur of course. I love animals, so that means no animals were hurt in the making, well at least with my fur vest. The best way to wear a fur vest is to just throw it on with anything. Don't over think your outfit, the best outfits are put together last minute. The one I have is from Foreign Exchange. It was only $24
Knitted sweaters, Ok this is my obsession right now, I am in love with Knitted sweaters. Wear a knitted sweater with leather leggings, some Jeffrey Campbells and BOOM you look HOT:) I found my knitted sweater from H&M for $30.

Leather Leggings, these suckers are hotter than hot right now. Leather leggings go with just about anything, no joke. It makes a white t-shirt look sexy. I bought my leather leggings from Forever 21 for $17.

Ssssssnake Print!! Anything with a snake print right now is my favorite. Clutches, Shoes, Pants, Shirt, awesome boots, snake print is amazing right now and for next spring 2012:) I bought my snake print clutch from Asos for just $21 and my snake print leggings are from H&M for $18.

Make a statement!! This is honestly the most fun trend right now. I am having a blast with all my bracelets and rings right now. I have bracelets that I have worn like this from Forever 21, and H&M, I mix them together and like to throw in my watch in the mix as well:) My statement rings are from Forever 21 $2.99 and this exact one on top from ebay also $2.99. 
Floppy Brim Fedora's, all I can say is HOTT!! To make an outfit stand out just throw on a hat:) I bought mine from Forever 21, for only $17.

Drake's new album Take Care is on repeat right now. I recommend this album to anyone who likes good R&B and Hip Hop. He's incredible

Watch The Throne, This album has been on repeat for a couple of months now. Jay-z and Kanye West are amazing, put the two together and it creates pure talent!! It's a must BUY!!

Hope you all have an amazing rest of the week!! Happy Holidays:)

xoxoxo- Ellie


  1. I love burgundy lipstick and HATE snakes and snake skin! lol! I am terrfied of snakes!

  2. hahaha, I'm scared of snakes too, but I love the print:)

  3. i came across your blog a couple of weeks ago and i LOVE IT!! your style is amazing!! you make everything look so pretty!!! thank you so much for the inspiratation :)))))

  4. i love the burgundy lipstick and leather leggings too..
    lovely blog ..

  5. great post!

    u covered up all main trends for this season!! very inspirational!

  6. Ditto on all of the above!! I love me some Jay-Z and Kanye! I so wanted to see them in concert this month in Vegas but it sold out... weh!

    See you later girl!

  7. Love this post!
    I'm a new follower!


  8. I really heart your style...I'm obsessed with the Drake album too.........xx


  9. ¿Podría escribir también en español? O es mucho pedir? ;)

    beso grande guapa


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